Hello, I’m Bethany.

I am a full time working RN and mother of 2 wonderful and energetic boys. 

And somehow between working, birthday parties, doctors appointments, holidays, and school events, I managed to find a new hobby and developed a love for baking and icing cookies. 

Here’s my journey...

My royal icing journey all started when my dad came over for Thanksgiving and had a piece of pie before the rest of our guests arrived.  I was in need of another dessert, so I baked some butter cookies.  I had seen holiday commercials of beautifully decorated cookies and found an icing recipe on the internet.  As soon as I put the icing on the first cookie, it quickly fell down the sides and there was no icing on the cookie.  That’s when I decided that I wanted to learn to how make icing the right way.  I was lucky enough to find a local cookie baker, Baked on Brighton, and signed up for a class the next week.  Baked on Brighton taught me everything I know about royal icing which is definitely not what I made on Thanksgiving.  Just before Christmas I decided it was time to try baking and icing again.  The cookies came out good, but not great.  

I soon realized that there is a lot of skill involved in this and that I didn’t have the proper tools, so to Amazon I went. 

Next was New Years, so I decided to make cookies again and these looked great.  I even used gold glitter!   

Next was my oldest son’s birthday and now he was requesting I make Spider Man cookies. So I did and gave them out as party favors. 

Next was my youngest son’s birthday and he requested unicorn cookies.  Now this was overwhelming as he wanted pink, blue, orange, and purple.  So I took my time decorating a couple cookies a day as this was a multiple step process with allowing each layer to dry.  Eventually I completed 30 cookies which was my biggest batch yet. 

Next came my husband birthday and since I had left over icing from the unicorns, I decided to make bright colored dinosaurs.  Unfortunately, the party was canceled due to the rain but we got to eat the cookies which were delicious!  

And now, here I am, just before St. Patrick’s Day, deciding to make more holiday themed cookies.  I started with the shamrock, then the hat, next the pot of gold, and then the rainbow.  I thought I was done until my youngest son, who loves unicorns, requested St. Patrick’s Day unicorn who of course I couldn’t say no to. 

So here I am today, making cookies for holidays, parties, family, and friends. Through all of this I realized that baking and decorating cookies is very therapeutic and therefore would love to continue this journey by doing this for others.


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